Ochsner Health System has launched an innovation accelerator called iO

to create health innovations as well as support and partner with companies working to revolutionize patient-centered care. Our focus is to develop entirely new ways for healthcare providers to dramatically improve the quality of care by managing patient conditions more effectively and efficiently. And, to empower patients, using data and emerging technology including their own social media networks, to take an active role in monitoring, maintaining and enhancing their own health.

For example, today chronic disease such as diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure account for 7 out of every 10 deaths in the U.S.

, yet our nation’s current healthcare system remains entrenched in solving the acute problems of a century ago. Ochsner recognizes the need to disrupt this staus quo and zero-in on our most pressing needs. That’s why iO is refocusing our critical thinking to develop new ways to treat and control chronic illnesses with an emphasis on integrating personal health records with behavioral and lifestyle changes, and providing sustainable solutions at a fraction of the current cost of care.

Inspired collaboration is the answer to our most challenging healthcare problems and opens the door to our greatest opportunities.

We are committed to partnering with other leading innovators both inside and outside of the healthcare industry to identify the most promising solutions and provide the resources and support needed to invent new, enlightened models of care. More than just a think-tank, our mission is to provide an environment in which innovations for both patients and providers can be tested, perfected, funded and launched, with a goal of continually creating successful ideas to transform the delivery of healthcare for the better worldwide. Interested in partnering with us? Fill out the form to the right.